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Sunday supper

Sunday’s are suppose to be a day of rest but it seems more often than not Sunday’s are a day of go go go! We always eithe eat a big breakfast or go out for breakfast. Then if daddy isn’t … Continue reading

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Back to School time!

It’s back to school time and with everyone talking about their what to pack and how to get back in the swing of things, I thought I would talk about how to make this time fun even if your preschooler … Continue reading

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My baby is not allowed to walk until he’s 1

You heard me, Caleb is not allowe to walk until he is 1 year old! This is not my first trip to the rodeo I know how this bull rides, and having a baby walk at 9 mos is hard. … Continue reading

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Wordless wednesday

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Cant we all just get along?

I had something completely different ready to go for today, but when I was on Twitter this morning I saw something that really upset me. It was an apology from Striderite to people who had received goodie bags with samples … Continue reading

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What am u going to do with 7lbs of zuke?

Everytime I walk into my kictchen, I have these 4 and 3 pound zucchinis from my garden staring me down. It’s like they are daring me to come up with something besides zucchini bread and pasta dishes. Then I open … Continue reading

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Its Via Friday!!!

So all across Starbucks land it’s Via Friday! If you don’t frequent a Starbucks on Fridays then Via Fridays is our day to focus on Via sales and have a little fun. My store has been kicking butt and I … Continue reading

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Aroma Lab

So I have gone through how to taste coffee. In case you missed it I will review the steps at the end. Now let’s talk about developing your coffee nose. What does my nose have to do with how my … Continue reading

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What my miscarriage taught me.

Recently it happened. After feeling a little run down, craving anything smothered in vinegar and hot sauce I thought could I be pregnant? No we only fooled around a few times where it was questionable but no. Then it hits … Continue reading

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