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Sinner Saturdays: oh lord here we go again

This week my confession is simple. I love food. Did you get that I LOVE food. I am a fatkid, now. Until I started having babies I was pretty good at kepping my weight in check. But now? Well let’s … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: cooking with kidlet

We were baking had to step away and hubs was supposed to watch him. Good job hubs!!

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Coffeetalk: Thanksgiving Blend

The fall season marks the beginning of some exciting coffee times here in Starbucks Land. It begins with Anniversary Blend and ends with Christmas Blend. Stuck in the middle of this bliss is Thanksgiving Blend. Thanksgiving blend was created to … Continue reading

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Caleb eats

Last week I made Caleb corn casserole and froze some extra. This week I’m making him pumpkin and quinoa and pumpkin ravioli with yogurt. Caleb cannot have lots of dairy. I learned this when we switched from breast milk to … Continue reading

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It’s Monday what are you eating this week?

Here we go again, I am so busy I have hardly anytime to prepare a meal plan. The beautiful thing about meal plans: their recycable! I am learning to save my meal plans and hopefully create a month at a … Continue reading

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Game Day Guacamole

This is my go to dip recipe when people come over for the big game. Most everyone loves chips and dip amd Mexican food. Here’s my families easy recipe: 4 large avocados- ripe that means soft not squishy! 1 large … Continue reading

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Sinner Saturdays: my confession

So this week I have been too busy to be bad! Ha! Yea right:) but no really I have been extremely busy. And in all honesty I only need to apologize to myself. So here it goes: Self, I have … Continue reading

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Happy Early Birthday to Me!!

My birthday came early this year. My mother, sick of me borrowing her camera since mine broke and my phone camera stopped working, surprised me with a birthday present a few days ago. A brand new Olympus wide lens digital … Continue reading

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Thecoffeeqween Eats!

Yesterday I was exhausted like seriously exhausted. By the end of my day I just wanted to be home chillin on the couch watching football. But then I remembered it’s Sunday and that means menu planning and cleaning out the … Continue reading

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New weekly gig: Sinner Saturdays!!

So I have been thinking I need a confessional for fun stuff, mommy stuff, all the things I want to get off my chest but without the whole God thing because this isn’t that kinda blog. In the shower, my … Continue reading

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