Pull it together girl!

It never fails, never, that seasons change and I’m unprepared. I haven’t cleaned out a single closet, organized a single drawer or pulled out any appropriate clothing:( and with work beginning a new fiscal year, gearing up towards holiday, I am kicking myself in the ass right now! This is when the mom/wife/grown-up I envisioned me being meets the hot mess I have become. It’s not pretty, I assure you. But like I said I’m behind and so no time for wallowing. Time to dust off The Smith Family Playbook and update it.

It’s a great tool to help me stay organized I just need to use it better. And make the things I can get done in a day a reality. Like scrubbing baseboards, that cannot be weekly. Sorry call me a slob but it just can’t be done. Right now I’m working 6 days a week and so exhausted I’m lucky if I get to vaccum every OTHER day. I’m a slob get over it!

I think the key thing here is to realize the perfection I envisioned will never be reality. I must reconcile the domestic goddess I know is deep inside me with the good enough person I truly am. The goddess will remained locked forever or until I no longer have to work outside the home, which ever comes first. ( my money is on forever!) so with that being said I am hitting the books, er playbook and starting with my room. It’s the worst and still has maternity clothes in the giant bathtub. In case you don’t read my blog, Caleb is 11 months old!! Maternity clothes are no longer acceptable anywhere except the garage! So I must go, I am currently climbing Mount Laundry. If i don’t post tomorrow send for help the mountain collapsed on top of me:(


About thecoffeeqween

I am a 30 something year old mom, wife, and lover of all things coffee and tea. I have two kick ass boys, a hubs who looks like Collin Ferrell, and a killer job as a store manager for Starbucks. Follow me as I juggle it all downing espresso, raising boys and learning to be happy with what I got!
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