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A new week a new menu

So after a few days off for the holidays and my birthday, it’s back to business as usual. Well not so usual, I really hurt my foot possibly broke a toe so the whole hobbling around is not normal- for … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: I am Thankful for…

My family…all of them. No really:)

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Okay it’s Monday before Thanksgiving and I have no time!

So Thanksgiving is on Thursday! Yikes! I feel like this snuck up on me and I am completely stunned. This year we are not having it at my house so at least there is that. I am however in charge … Continue reading

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Sinner Saturdays: I’ve been cured!

I guess the old saying is true: “idle hands are the devils playthings.” because if it is then the opposite would be true as well. Meaning too busy to get into trouble! While I did lose it a bit with … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Christmasfying a Starbucks

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Quick Holiday Treat that packs a lot of Wow!

Last night I completed my 11th Holiday set up at Starbucks. We do this at closing and it usually takes 4 hours which means we are there until almost opening time! But it is so worth it. To play elf … Continue reading

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Sinner Saturdays: I’m a bad patriot:(

So this week was a difficult one. First, how is it Saturday? I have no clue what happened Monday and tuesday! Second this was an extremely emotional week for me as we laid to rest a dear friend of our … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Caleb’s Birthday!!!

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Its birthday party time and I’m sad

Holy crap! Tomorrow is Caleb’s first birthday party. He doesn’t actually turn 1 until Wednesday but still, this is it! I am so full of emotions now. Emotions I did NOT have with Aiden. Of course I was sad, my … Continue reading

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Wordless wednesday: Condors Hockey!!

Caleb’s first hockey game he has been old enough to stay awake at!

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