It’s New Years all!

I know I’ve said this every holiday post this year but it’s New Year’s already?!! I mean seriously it’s hours away from being the year 2011! It’s both exciting and kinda trippy.
I was bored and flipping through the channels the other day amd came across Back to the Future part 200 or whatever it was. You know which one right? The one where they actually go to the future instead of the past. Where Michael j. Fox and Elisabeth Shue are married and have kids. Anyway when Doc Brown tells Marty what year they are in I just about choked on my water! There were ewes and awes over the year. They were so overly excited to see what the future was like and how much had changed since the 80’s. The year is 2015. See that’s why I spit water out of my nose! It was just so funny to see flying cars, food tablets, hand scanning instead of locks on doors.
20freaking15 is like 4 years away. And while all of the above things is perfectly capable of being our reality it’s so “the Jetson’s” that I cannot believe we as a society used to think like this. It’s straight up comical. I know my mom is much of a believer in all those stupid end of the world types. So I so grew believing one day we would be the Jetson’s and the world would end in 2000. (people I stopped believing those things around the time I stopped blieving in Santa so get over it!) but none the less that whole delusion if the future and how far away the year 2015 sounded was my life. So to come to the reality that 2015 is almost here and nothing is what we thought it would be or joked it would be is funny and kinda sad.
I realize our imagination and knowledge of the unknown is so not alive anymore. No one cares what’s gonna happen in the year 3000? No one is making movies about how in the year 3000 people will be driving flying cars or anything like that. I also realized my boys will never fully appreciate the Back to the Future movies. They are simply too young to fully grasp how different the world was when those movies were made.
My kids use iPhones and laptops. The average American didn’t own a computer back then. My kids will know computers are machines and mess up too. Back then computers were superhuman machines that could rule the world. So if you’re like me take a moment to appreciate to wonderment of the future we once had. It’s is soon destined to be the past:(
On a lighter note, Happy New Year!!!! Be safe, have fun, kiss someone at midnight. Here’s a toast to all your hopes, dreams and resolutions for 2011.


About thecoffeeqween

I am a 30 something year old mom, wife, and lover of all things coffee and tea. I have two kick ass boys, a hubs who looks like Collin Ferrell, and a killer job as a store manager for Starbucks. Follow me as I juggle it all downing espresso, raising boys and learning to be happy with what I got!
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