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I may have to break up with the Trenta

Last week we launched the new trenta 31 oz sized iced tea and coffee. Anyone who knows me knows I love iced tea and drink gallons of it. Gallons. So of course I drink a Trenta at work and take … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: happy anniversary

One of my employees is a military wife. This is their 1st anniversary and young. He is gone so her mom got her a flat husband- life size. I love it!

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What constitutes cheating?

So today on the radio they were talking about the 20/60/20 rule of cheating. 20% of men will never cheat, 60% of men will slip up at some point and cheat, 20% of men always cheat. So many people called … Continue reading

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Monday Monday.

So I knew heading into this weekend I was gonna go a little overboard with the food. I knew alcoholic beverages would be consumed, I knew today I would NOT be weighing myself. I must admit I am not actively … Continue reading

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Mommytalk: marriage

I rarely write about my man simply because he asked me not to air our dirty laundry. I understand his apprehension around blogging, so I rarely talk marriage issues on here. But the other night we had the most major … Continue reading

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Caleb Eats: Homemade Poptarts

I have made home made pop tarts before but this time I made them with whole wheat flour. I am living The King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Cookbook. I used the whole wheat pie crust recipe ad made bite sized … Continue reading

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