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Wordless Wednesday: Repurpose part 2

Last week I showed you the desk with a hutch. These are the side panels I painted and recycled into media towers for our living room. I have one completed an hope to finish the other this weekend.

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A Coffeeqween Original, Just for You!

Giving back. Pay it forward. Karma. These are all words I have used this year. After Caleb was born I became extremely aware of how lucky I am. In fact the fear that one person shouldn’t be so happy began … Continue reading

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Sinner Saturdays: Mama I’m Coming Home

This week it’s more of a confession rather than a sin. Today my tio Victor is coming home from prison. He has been there for the last 8 serving his sentence, paying his debt to society and the people he … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Big man Little man

Getting off the plane in Denver. The hubs and aiden. So cute I had to snap it quickly.

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Can Mama get her Groove Back?

My hubs and I have been married for almost 6 years. But we jar been together for 12. Wow! 12 seems so long when you consider we are only 31 years old. I was very much the independent girl when … Continue reading

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Motivation Monday: a work in progress

I am a work in progress. Everyone can pretty much wake up and say that. We all in some way, shape or form strive to accomplish something everyday. We strive to become better than yesterday at the very least. I … Continue reading

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KiddieTalk: Calebs’ Eats!

It has been a while since I posted a new favorite food of my picky little eater. This one comes from the Clean Eating Diet for kids by Tosca Reno. After only liking pureed fruits, Caleb is starting to take … Continue reading

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Sinner Saturday: Shh Don’t Tell my Hubs!

Um ok this week I must confess that my husband was right, but please don’t tell him! He rarely reads this so I feel like I can confess he was right without actually having to admit it to him:) Last … Continue reading

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Marry me marry my family.

I am super close to my family. My husband doesn’t always get it. It’s okay. I understand. His family and my family very different. Both love each other very much. Both dysfunctional in their own ways. We both get super … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: My repurposing project

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