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School Daze

I was really excited about this class I’m taking: Technology and the Law Office. Sounds interesting, obviously lots of info that I will need. What I wasn’t expecting was to be lost:/ Last week was week 2, and the assignment … Continue reading

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No Call No Show

I had a no call no how this morning. I had managed to get my 30 week, oversized, pregnant ass outta bed at 3:20 this morning but my partner did not. In fact they could be missing or in the … Continue reading

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Boys will be boys!

I bought the boys matching shirts for St Paddy’s Day. They were very cute and simple. They read Kiss Me and had a shamrock on them. As we got dressed to go out to dinner I explain to Caleb that … Continue reading

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Offensive or Honest?

Sunday I was heading to the park for a birthday party. The area the park was located in was a predominantly white part of town upper middle class and up. The truck in front of me had a sticker on … Continue reading

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Miss Sicky

Ugh so last night I woke up to severe cramping. My first half awake thought was I was having contractions. And now in hindsight I think why the hell did I just lay there if that’s what I really thought!! … Continue reading

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Easy Like Sunday Morning

I have begun to like Sunday mornings. Scratch that I love Sunday mornings! Lately we have been lazy. We sleep in, let the kids run wild for about an hour before we force ourselves out of bed. As a 6 … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Almonds and Allergies

These pretty blossoms are killing me!! But it’s ok because California almonds are so good!

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To Nest or Not to Nest?

So I am starting to feel the inner workings of some nesting. I am looking at things and decluttering. Or I’m trying. The problem with working full-time away from home, being a mom of 2 already, and a busy family, … Continue reading

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Last Will and Testament

Last week I had to write my last will and testament for a class. This was a serious assignment for my probate class so I had to actually go through everything and evaluate what I wanted. Of course most things … Continue reading

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