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This Week is a Big One!

I finally felt well enough to do some cleaning this weekend. Have you ever had an itch you just couldn’t scratch? Like on your back in the one tiny place you couldn’t reach with anything? That’s what the last few … Continue reading

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California Dreamin

Ok seriously, what is up with the weather this year?!! First we had a warm winter followed by some weird cold weekends in the middle of beautiful spring days. Now? Now we have 99 degree weekend followed by an over … Continue reading

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Bugging Out: Starbucks ends use of cochineal dye

Ok so Starbucks uses crushed up beetles to make your strawberry frappuccino bright red and pretty. What?! I feel so deceived so used so taken advantage of! How dare they! Yup how dare they take an ingredient used in your … Continue reading

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Good Bye Uncle Henry

Today we say good bye to my uncle Henry. I was a flower girl in their 25th anniversary renewal ceremony. He always had a smile. He loved to dance and he loved my aunt. you will always be remembered with … Continue reading

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Stay At Home Qween

Well today officially begins my stay at home momma gig. It was so nice waking up watching my beautiful hubs get dressed. Helping my little man Aiden get ready for school, which I usually never do because I’m already at … Continue reading

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Last Day at The Bucks

Today is my last day at work. It’s always bittersweet. This time I am actually super duper excited to leave because a lot of the Braxton hicks and pain I’ve been having will go away!! But I’m sad to leave … Continue reading

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Hormones Anyone?

I usually can hold it in, I can usually rationalize both sides of any argument. But being 8 mos pregnant my tolerance for bullshit is out the window! I can barely contain myself right now. I want to scream, to … Continue reading

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Light Duty

Well it’s official! I’ve been put on light duty. And let me tell you when my dr says light he means LIGHT! It is virtually impossible for me to do my job at the pace it needs to be done … Continue reading

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