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I Should be a Genius!

Guess what?!! I fixed my phone!! (guess where I’m blogging from?) Woohoo!!!! I should work at Apple y’all! Actually I have no idea how I fixed my phone so maybe not. I took out my sim card, I have a … Continue reading

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The End of an Era

I am typing this on my laptop. If you knew me in real life then you would know I rarely blog from an actual computer. I usually do it from my phone. Mainly because I write when the mood strikes … Continue reading

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Workin on my fitness, sort of

It’s time. Time to build a fitness plan. Time to find a diet. Please no lectures on how eating healthy is a lifestyle choice you can’t diet. We generally eat healthy and rarely eat fried foods, we don’t buy sodas, … Continue reading

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10 Things That Make Me Angry!

I got this inspiration from mamakat while surfing my twitter feed. Following her trend these are not world issues that should upset all of us, but annoying things that drive me batshit crazy and want to throat punch people:) 1.  … Continue reading

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Get Your Grill On

The thing I love and hate about summer- the weather. I love that it becomes warmer and the sun is shining. But there is such a thing as overkill and that’s when it’s triple digits outside and you are stuck … Continue reading

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7 years Baby!!

7 years ago today I married the hubs. I still look back at that day and smile and feel so warm and bubbly inside. It was the wedding we wanted and that day nothing could mess it up. 7 years … Continue reading

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Kiddie Bites: Chocolate Muffins

It has been a long time since I posted about food. I rarely make muffins that are old school sugary white flour concoctions. Our logic around sugary foods for our kids is if we rarely give them full sugar foods … Continue reading

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I will never understand why I cannot sleep at night when my kids sleep. Aiden was sleeping 8pm-8am at 4 weeks old. I would sleep 12am-4am:/ Caleb was sleeping like that at 8 weeks. Callen slept 11pm-8:30am yesterday and I … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Tia Andrea

Happy 41st birthday Tia. So much has happened in the last year. So many people have changed and our lives have taken paths we never expected. But the one that hasn’t changed I our love. Our love for you, our … Continue reading

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