Get Your Grill On

The thing I love and hate about summer- the weather. I love that it becomes warmer and the sun is shining. But there is such a thing as overkill and that’s when it’s triple digits outside and you are stuck inside for days.
With all this sunshine comes outdoor fun like swimming and grilling. We do a lot of both! I love trying out regular oven based recipes on the grill like pizza and nachos. Last night we had turkey burgers with bacon cheddar potato wedges- all made on the grill baby!
I took 4 Idaho potatoes and gave them a good scrub. Then I par cooked them in the microwave- per Mr Bobby Flay(the par cooking part). Cut into wedges and seasoning with whatever seasoning you like. I mixed up some low sodium Pappy’s with pepper and paprika. I lubed up the wedges with olive oil and loaded on the seasoning. Next the hubs grilled them to perfection straight on the grill. Then I put them on a cookie sheet and loaded them up with sharp cheddar cheese and crumbled thick cut bacon. Return to the grill until cheese is melted. Serve with ranch and chives!! See I love this part of summer:)


About thecoffeeqween

I am a 30 something year old mom, wife, and lover of all things coffee and tea. I have two kick ass boys, a hubs who looks like Collin Ferrell, and a killer job as a store manager for Starbucks. Follow me as I juggle it all downing espresso, raising boys and learning to be happy with what I got!
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  1. Kris Kendrick says:

    Nom nom nom!

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