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Motivation Monday: enjoy Life!

We had lots happen these past couple of days. First Callen turned the big 4 months old!! Such a big boy I cannot believe how time has flown by! You’d think I’d be used to it with Callen being my … Continue reading

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Free Falling

Sometimes when I’m trying to fall asleep I will put the tv on a Sirius XM channel. I listen to whatever fits my mood. Sometimes it’s hits, jazz, coffeehouse, it just depends. When I’m in a funk I listen to … Continue reading

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I am so unmotivated today. I just realized this week is almost over and that means I have one last week at home. I am so heartbroken and sad. I just want…you know I don’t know what I want. Maybe … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

Couldn’t resist! She looks amazing and well I’m still obsessed with clothes and it comes with an extra all accessory mag!!

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Alex’s Baby Shower

Last Saturday my mother and I threw my cousin Alex a baby shower. She chose a nautical theme for her little Kaden and I must say I loved it! I had so much fun planning and creating the decor, snacks, … Continue reading

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Motivation Monday

Trying to find some motivation this week. After several months off of work I am just 2 weeks away from the big return. Super sad and excited at the same time. But looking around my house makes me feel overwhelmed. … Continue reading

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I May Need an Intervention..

Ahhh my latest obsession- the cricut machine. Actually crafting in general. I have always enjoyed a good DIY project, but lately I’m obsessed with finding projects and figuring out how I’m going to do them and put my own spin … Continue reading

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Mommy Woes

I am going to miss this face so much! He and I have somehow managed to get even closer on my leave. I fin this whole family leave time rewarding and heart breaking. It’s always so hard in the beginning … Continue reading

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Everyday Joy

I was watching the Dr Oz show and he had Andrew Weil on talking about thins he does I improve all aspects of his life. One of them was to reflect upon the day and write down something that made … Continue reading

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Work Woes

This I my last few weeks of leave and I’m starting to get upset. It’s my 3rd time and it is harder every single time. I know I am so very lucky to have a job where my husband and … Continue reading

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