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Hi My Name is Ali….

And I have a problem, a social media problem. I have Facebook, twitter and I am completely obsessed with instagram!! The latest thing is Vine. Vine is touted to be the twitter for video. Meaning you follow people and instead … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday

This is me and my Tia Andrea’s youngest Vincent. I have always loved this kid so much. I was 17 years old in this pic. Ugh those glasses are awful, lol. He is now a senior and will soon be … Continue reading

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Someone Hold Me. Please!

I haven’t written much about my post partum anxiety lately because this time around compared to last time it almost seems non existent. Until now. One thing that sends me into panic attacks is traveling. I freak out enough going … Continue reading

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Intern Anyone?

So I’m in the home stretch of classes now and just started my contract law class. After this class I only have 2 more classes and my internship and I’m done! I will be hopefully (cross your fingers, say a … Continue reading

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A school shooting too close to home.

I am posting this late but my mind still is reeling. The idea that a kid walked into school and shot another student in my home town is too much. I thought of all the different perspectives I could approach … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday: The Beach

The beach is my favorite place in the whole world. My hubs too. We got married there. It’s our paradise, any beach any place. These photos are from the beach closest to us, Pismo Beach circa 2009, as you can … Continue reading

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Monday Motivation

Today I’m linking up with Nain’s blog and her Monday Motovation post, because let’s face it I’m lacking. I received a cricut machine for my birthday from my parents. Since then I’ve had some fun playing around and learning all … Continue reading

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Throw Back Thursday

This is such a favorite photo of mine. It is from when we first started our little family. Aiden was just starting to run and I have some other great shots of him chasing after The Hubs. But this one … Continue reading

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Food on the Brain.

I am in a food rut. A serious food rut. Returning to work has been so much harder now that we have 3 kids. Finding time to cook and spend time with the kids and keep the house clean . … Continue reading

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A New Dawn, A New Day and I’m Feeling Good!

I had planned out so many different ways to write a reflective post about 2012 yesterday and a new beginnings post today. I knew all the things I wanted to say, all the highlights I wanted to share, the hopes … Continue reading

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