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Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend marked the beginning of soccer for Aiden, on the go go go for the family and lots of family time. Here’s our life in pictures! This is some of our Friday Night Shenanigans! Made some muffins for the … Continue reading

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Feeding Little Men

I was pretty good about packing lunches for Aiden until kindergarten and the addition of Callen. I was am so exhausted I just couldn’t do it. I had to give up something so I gave that up. Trying to pack … Continue reading

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Back 2 School…to prove to dad that I’m no fool.

Today is the first day of school!!! Every time I hear or read back to school I think of Billy Madison. 😳 Aiden is a big first grader this year. I did not cry and so far have yet to. … Continue reading

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Legends of Summer

So this also happened in July… I know it’s not the best picture, I was too damn excited to care, but that’s Justin Timberlake and Jay Z singing a little Holy Grail at Candlestick Park in San Francisco!!! Squee!!! I … Continue reading

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Well I have been a college graduate for 2 months now. I look for a new job in my field everyday but everyone wants 3 years of experience at least! I want to get my license to become a legal … Continue reading

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A Prayer Request

If you’re on twitter or Instagram you may have seen a hashtag #prayforkaden, floating around. Some of you may know what it’s about. Diana Stone is a writer, blogger, wife and mother. She just recent had a baby boy named … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Just Want to Scream!

Okay. I wasn’t going to say anything. I thought I see both sides of this coin and I get it, but I can’t. I want to scream at my phone and the tv every time I hear or read someone … Continue reading

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ThrowBack Thursday

Okay let’s not even talk about the clothing. There are no words, lets just focus on hair here. First my cousin Antonio has a Billy Ray Cyrus mullet!!! I die!!! Too much! I don’t even know what to call the … Continue reading

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New Kids, Old Kids, Hot Kids!

When I was little I was head over heels about the New Kids On The Block or NKOTB. I was so in love with Jordan Knight, I actual wrote about him in school! Lame sauce I know. I begged my … Continue reading

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8 Years Going on 14..

Well the 22nd of July was our 8 year anniversary. And May marked 14 years of togetherness total. I feel so lame saying that. I’m so not that girl. Someone asked me recently and I actually had to count how … Continue reading

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