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Wordless Wednesday: My weekend in a nut shell


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Mayday Mayday. 

Have you ever felt so discouraged by life dealing you tough blow after blow that you just have zero motivation. I think I’m there. We are going through some pretty heavy stuff here and I feel like I just can’t … Continue reading

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this weekend I attended the funeral of a friend’s brother who was killed by a drunk driver. It was tough to sit there for so many reasons. Watching my friend and his family in pain and hurt, was almost too … Continue reading

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Yesterday was a very emotional day. I spoke at a ceremony honoring law enforcement for having a high quantity of good DUI arrests. I was extremely honored and nervous to sit in a room filled with so many people who … Continue reading

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And So It Goes…

a friend of mine received terrible news Monday. His brother, whom he adored, was killed, nope sorry, murdered by a drunk driver. There’s so much I want to say, to write, to try to make everyone understand. Understand how selfish … Continue reading

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Unstructured Life

I am a routine person. And I love sleep. I am the type of person who either needs 5 or less hours or 10 hours of sleep. 8 -9 hours and I’m still tired and grumpy. Weird I know. But … Continue reading

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Mugshot Monday

   Oh man this Monday is getting the best of me and I have been up only a couple of hours. This weekend was rough. Lots of feelings and emotions and lots of time to think and feel each one … Continue reading

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A Year Later

have you ever felt so many feelings you go numb? That’s me, that’s how I feel about today. Yesterday I had a short fuse. Everything was pissing me off. Mostly because it was taking all my energy to not cry … Continue reading

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