Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan. Giant. I’ve watched the show since day 1 and it’s the only show I actually watch when it airs. I have also rewatched the show from beginning to end several times, it’s my thing.

Last nights episode was once again controversial and well done. There was the Jo Wilson my ex is an abuser issue, there was the cop (who btw we don’t see so we don’t know the skin color) who shot an innocent black kid, and we had April questioning her faith. All of these upset people so much and I honestly don’t get it.

It’s current in our society today. Women are learning to use their voice and stand up for themselves. Jo finding her voice and choosing it to move on with her life was a wonderful thing. April finally realizing the world is not a beautiful place and God’s will isn’t always purposeful was so well done. She was tested and tried and in the end it appears she is in a dark place but I don’t think it was done poorly. Lastly and the one most people have issue with, is the cop thing. I would like to pint out a few things that I think try to show this as a non racist issue. 1. We don’t know the race of the cop that shot the kid 2. Racist is a term none of the doctors used in fact they explicitly emphasize the word bias 3. The part where Bailey talks to her own son about how to respond to police was beautifully done without ever saying one bad word about police.

Now those that saw it might say I’m not reading between the lines here and that’s true, much was implied. However, I think a lot of what you “saw” is based off your own bias. It was overtly racist if that’s your go to in these situations. Jackson talking to the officer and explaining we all have bias, it’s human nature” and therefore we can correct it was such a wonderful and valid point. This isn’t a race issue it’s a bias issue and one that once we all face and admit we can slowly change. I don’t want to give too much away in case you didn’t see it. Buttonwillow was wonderful and I think everyone needs to take to heart the words spoken in that moment.

When Bailey is explaining to her son how to behave when stopped by police, it was heartbreaking. Heartbreaking because people I know and love have had that exact conversation with their child(ren). If you watch that and think it was over exaggerated or unnecessary, you are not seeing things from a POC perspective. It was done with respect for her sons life and innocence and the respect for officers in that they are not all bad. That there’s no reason to to color his judgment on all cops. If you think POC aren’t or haven’t had that conversation with their kids, your head is in the sand. It wasn’t in your face. No one said anything horrible about police. No one states anything regarding corruption or racism. It was a great perspective and I thought is was beautifully presented.

When I started reading people’s responses my heart sank. I mean they could have done this in a totally biased, religion, man, cop hating waiting and not once was that done! Not once!!! And yet that’s all people saw. That is what their perspective is when these issues are brought up. And that not only speaks volumes about those people but about the bias we project on societal issues.

If you haven’t watched please do. And don’t let your own personal bias color your perspective. I strongly believe in the good of police. I appreciate all they do. I am not hating on anyone or any religion. I believe in women finding their voice and rising against those that seek to hold her down. I don’t understand why women stay with abusive men but I don’t blame them. Nothing they did or could do would be deserving of the abuse they endured. I am spiritual, I may not whole heartedly believe in any particular religion, but I don’t begrudge someone who does.her persistence in her belief is admirable but people do struggle to keep the faith. I have. I have several times. Seeing what I have gone through was comforting. It was relatable, for the first time ever for this character, at least for me.

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