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Why Hello Old Friend!

It’s been a while and so much has happened. But the need to write was, is, strong still. First up, I am getting ready to head into maternity leave. That’s right I’m preggers! It was a total surprise and it … Continue reading

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Callen’s Mustache Bash

Yesterday we finally had Callen’s birthday party. It has been so hot here we had to change it from an outdoor party to an indoor so in a pinch it became a pizza party! It was a Little Man Mustache … Continue reading

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Someone Hold Me. Please!

I haven’t written much about my post partum anxiety lately because this time around compared to last time it almost seems non existent. Until now. One thing that sends me into panic attacks is traveling. I freak out enough going … Continue reading

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I am so unmotivated today. I just realized this week is almost over and that means I have one last week at home. I am so heartbroken and sad. I just want…you know I don’t know what I want. Maybe … Continue reading

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3 Months Already?!

I cannot believe my newest little man is 3 months already! We are finally getting into our groove and life is getting a bit more like normal. He has truly been a blessing in our world and I’m so glad … Continue reading

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No Penis Please!!

So tomorrow I go to the Dr and am going to find out if we are team blue or team pink. Emphasis on pink. This is going to be our last and I never thought I would want a girl … Continue reading

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Taking Flight

In about 5 hours we will up and at em. Heading to Meadows field airport to catch a plane to Dallas for a much needed week long visit. This will be our first long family vacation with Caleb as part … Continue reading

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Wordless wednesday: look who’s walking?!

Good God I am blessed! I love this kid!

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My baby is not allowed to walk until he’s 1

You heard me, Caleb is not allowe to walk until he is 1 year old! This is not my first trip to the rodeo I know how this bull rides, and having a baby walk at 9 mos is hard. … Continue reading

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