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Semi homemade Chicken Pot Pie Take 2!

Okay so I posted a picture on Instagram last night and had a lot if people inquire about the recipe so this is the one I adapted from Sandra Lee for Food Network. It’s semi homemade and you can control … Continue reading

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Food on the Brain.

I am in a food rut. A serious food rut. Returning to work has been so much harder now that we have 3 kids. Finding time to cook and spend time with the kids and keep the house clean . … Continue reading

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Get Your Grill On

The thing I love and hate about summer- the weather. I love that it becomes warmer and the sun is shining. But there is such a thing as overkill and that’s when it’s triple digits outside and you are stuck … Continue reading

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Kiddie Bites: Chocolate Muffins

It has been a long time since I posted about food. I rarely make muffins that are old school sugary white flour concoctions. Our logic around sugary foods for our kids is if we rarely give them full sugar foods … Continue reading

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Where have you been all my life?

As a girl who loves to cook I don’t have much knowledge of using a slow cooker. I have one but I’ve only used it like twice- ever. But now as life is getting busier and busier I beginning to … Continue reading

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Aiden eats!

It’s back to school time for everyone. Even my preschooler went from the relaxed fun summertime pre K class to the serious, gotta get ready for school pre K class. He is super excited and feels like such a big … Continue reading

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Caleb Eats: Crepes!

I love pancakes. I love love love waffles. But sometimes I want something light and easy and super quick to make. Caleb wakes up starving!!! So I either have to give him some milk and a cereal bar to hold … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: ice Pops!!

We made these ice pops last night. They are watermelon and remind me of the La Rosa pops. So good!

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Fruit Pizza

I love fruit pizza. It is always a hit at any get together. But sometimes I want it but don’t want to waste half of it because it makes such a big pizza. I had some leftover cream cheese sugar … Continue reading

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I’m in a rut.

I’m in a food rut. This happens a lot when I feel strapped for time, change in season you know the usual. I am getting back into meal planning and I want to make sure we are eating healthy as … Continue reading

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