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Greyson James

The biggest story from 2017 was the discovery that I was pregnant. God there was so much I wanted to write and couldn’t find the words to say how overwhelming this was. Shocked does not begin to describe how I … Continue reading

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Bruises and Bumps

I’ve been quiet for a while now. Writing is my therapy but you can’t always just lay it all out there. To say the past couple of years has been trying is the understatement of a lifetime. I am black … Continue reading

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Mugshot Monday

it is so rare for the hubs and I to go to Starbucks together. Secretly I think it’s because he hates paying for my overpriced drinks when he is a tall coffee kind of guy. But none the less the … Continue reading

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8 Years Going on 14..

Well the 22nd of July was our 8 year anniversary. And May marked 14 years of togetherness total. I feel so lame saying that. I’m so not that girl. Someone asked me recently and I actually had to count how … Continue reading

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Paint the Town Red!

I’ve written about marriage equality before so I won’t go into much in this post, but remember that no one can devalue your marriage by getting married themselves. If Kim Kardashian can marry for 72 hours why can’t a man … Continue reading

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7 years Baby!!

7 years ago today I married the hubs. I still look back at that day and smile and feel so warm and bubbly inside. It was the wedding we wanted and that day nothing could mess it up. 7 years … Continue reading

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A Slippery Slope

I guess I’m not really surprised that North Carolina passed amendment one. What does surprise me is no one is upset about the idea of civil unions being banned as well. As a woman married to a man not in … Continue reading

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The Homestretch

As I get ready for the birth of my third son I am starting to panic a little. Will my store be okay while I am gone? Will Caleb feel lost being the “middle child”? Will I ruin my boys … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Dinner and Anxiety.

This year’s Valentine’s Day was pretty much business as usual. The hubs and I went out to dinner the night before so we wouldn’t have to deal with crowds and find a sitter. I received my super yummy chocolate covered … Continue reading

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Is Divorce Contagious?

I am in a somewhat state of shock. I have had some close friends seperate and/or file for divorce in the past year. People I never thought would end their relationships this way are. And furthermore, it seems like a … Continue reading

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