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Manic Monday

Man I feel like I am standing still and constant moving at the same time. Is that weird? You know how when you put your feet in the sand and wait for the tide to roll in and then as … Continue reading

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I’ve Got A Bad Case Of The Blah’s!

I just started week 2 of my internship only I don’t have an office who has agreed to let me be their intern. Who wouldn’t want free labor?!! Apparently a lot of people. Even legal aid turned me down! And … Continue reading

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Holy Monday Batman

I cannot believe it’s Monday again. Here we go with another busy week of work, kids and all the business in between. I am supposed to start school on September 6. I was so excited and felt ready to get … Continue reading

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Welcome back!

Whew what a rough start to my week, already. I arrive to work 5 minutes late, not so big of a deal. But then as I’m heading to the store I realize I left my store key here for the … Continue reading

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