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Offensive or Honest?

Sunday I was heading to the park for a birthday party. The area the park was located in was a predominantly white part of town upper middle class and up. The truck in front of me had a sticker on … Continue reading

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Holiday Time Brings Out- The Worst!

Normally holiday time is my favorite time to work at Starbucks. But this year is definitely testing my cheer! It’s hard enough being pregnant and feeling blah but having a whole new staff, assistant store manager, and rude ass customers … Continue reading

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Coffeehouse Musings

I have always said someone should film the behind the counter life of a coffeehouse. You know like Cops meets The Real World both circa 1990. When they both had some cred. I have been behind a counter in some … Continue reading

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Sometimes I just want to shake people!

I don’t know if it’s just me lately or the people I’ve come in contact with but I want to shake the hell out of someone almost daily! And I’m not talking some “pull it together girl” shake. No. Not … Continue reading

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