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Weighty Issues

So I am fat. Let’s face it I can sit here all day and say I’m not or that I’m being too hard on myself I had 2 kids in 3 years, but who cares. In both situations I had … Continue reading

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Is that a cupcake in your coffee?

Yeaterday we had our regional open forum. It’s a day we get together and kinda party with the people from the office and other stores in our region. My region is basically central Cali east to west. We rarely get … Continue reading

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Sunday supper

Sunday’s are suppose to be a day of rest but it seems more often than not Sunday’s are a day of go go go! We always eithe eat a big breakfast or go out for breakfast. Then if daddy isn’t … Continue reading

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What am u going to do with 7lbs of zuke?

Everytime I walk into my kictchen, I have these 4 and 3 pound zucchinis from my garden staring me down. It’s like they are daring me to come up with something besides zucchini bread and pasta dishes. Then I open … Continue reading

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Its Via Friday!!!

So all across Starbucks land it’s Via Friday! If you don’t frequent a Starbucks on Fridays then Via Fridays is our day to focus on Via sales and have a little fun. My store has been kicking butt and I … Continue reading

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